Warranties for ŠKODA products

In accordance with the warranty conditions we provide the following warranty:

- 3-year/150,000 kilometers warranty on new ŠKODA* cars

- 2-year warranty for ŠKODA Genuine Parts and Accessories*

- 3-year warranty for paint defects

- 10-year warranty for non-rust-through of the car body for the Fabia Sedan, Fabia Combi, Octavia Tour and Superb

- 12-year warranty for non-rust-through of the body for the New Fabia, Roomster and Octavia cars.

* In some cases the warranty period is valid for 2 years – specific information about the duration of the warranty period is contained in the purchase contract or is available from your ŠKODA dealer.

Exclusion of Performance

- In the event of inexpert performance of repair work by an unauthorised service company.

- In the event of a change or installation of car parts that were not approved by ŠKODA Auto.

- In the event of faults ascertained with the car that were not submitted promptly to an authorised ŠKODA service company.

- In the event of intentional or grossly negligent behaviour by the owner of the car, the driver, or one of the passengers.

- In the event of wilful damage to the car.

- In the event of participation in motor sport activities or other events not regarded by the manufacturer as reasonable use.