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Company History

1996 - 2005

In April, 1996, the all-new model, the Škoda Octavia is introduced. Three years later comes the Škoda Fabia, and in 2001 a new luxury limousine in the upper-middle class is introduced, the Škoda Superb. Production facilities are built in Russia, China and India.


In Mladá Boleslav, the production of the millionth Škoda vehicle since the founding of the joint venture with VW is produced. The Škoda Octavia is introduced. This second production series of the brand paves the way for the company’s success in later years.


For the first time, Škoda produces more than 400,000 vehicles per year, which are exported to 70 countries.


Škoda enters the category of motor sport World Rally Car (WRC). At Frankfurt Motor Show, the absolutely new Škoda Fabia is presented, and a year later it is supplemented by the Fabia Combi.


Škoda founds in Mladá Boleslav the first company operated university in the Czech Republic: Škoda Auto University.


Škoda Octavia RS is so far the fastest series vehicle of the brand. Under the traditional name Superb, Škoda presents a new luxury model and corresponds to the historic production series of higher classes from 1934 to 1949. In Aurangabad, India Škoda opens its first factory of Europe.


The Fabia WRC has its première at Geneva Motor Show.