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Company History

1916 - 1925

Car manufacturing is strongly affected by the World War I. The production of personal vehicles is almost stopped, and instead military vehicles are being made. In 1924 the factory was partially destroyed by a large fire, which led to the company merger with the engineering giant from Plzeň, Škoda.


In the aftermath of the First World War, automobiles are considered an unnecessary luxury. L&K’s most successful product is the motorized plough Excelsior.


Post-war production is based on two model series of passenger cars labelled ‘M’ and ‘S’, which directly follow up on the pre war production.


The compact car Type-100 is developed.


L&K begins producing aircraft engines for the Czechoslovak government.


In order to solidify theirposition on the market, Laurin & Klement merges with the Škoda Works in Pilsen, a company founded by the engineer Emil Škoda. Laurin & Klement vehicles now feature the winged-arrow logo.