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Company History

1907 - 1915

The manufacture of automobiles grows quickly. In 1907 the small factory becomes a joint-stock company. Thanks to good business connections, cars from Mladá Boleslav make their way, among other countries, to New Zealand, Russia, England and Japan.


Laurin & Klement Shareholding Company is founded. The successful L&K type F four-cylinder is launched on the market The company’s range now consists of nine models, from a small two-cylinder passenger car and a four-cylinder racing car to transporters and omnibuses. An FF-type engine constructed from two four-cylinder F-model drivetrains is one of the first eight-cylinders to have ever been built.


The L&K Type-F racing version wins big in all of its categories at Semmering. The first small four-cylinder type G is launched on the market.


The Type S – a simple, reliable large-series car was sold in countless bodywork and engine versions until 1925.


L&K takes over the RAF automobile plant (Reichenberger Automobil Fabrik) in Liberec. After acquiring a concession, L&K starts producing Knight sleeve-valve engines for luxury models.