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Company History

1895 - 1906

In 1895, Mr. Laurin and Mr. Klement found a factory for production of the Slavia bicycle. In 1905 the first car from the Laurin & Klement company is introduced. It is a small two-seat vehicle with 7 horsepower called the Voiturette A.


Václav Klement and Václav Laurin open a bicycle­ manufacture and repair workshop in Mladá Boleslav. The bicycles called Slavia sell successfully both at home and abroad.


L&K improves on the motorized bicycles designed by the Werner brothers and starts producing motorized two wheelers. These are the first motorcycles manufactured in Austria-Hungary. Laurin invents a new motorcycle-design principle by building the frame around the engine and positioning all control elements on the handle bars, within the driver’s reach.


After introducing the first prototypes at the turn of the century, L&K starts producing automobiles under the name Voiturette. Václav Vondřich triumphs in the renowned Coupe Internationale in Dourdan, France, on an L&K motorcycle.


Series production of the Voiturette starts, along with the first true production campaign.